What We Do


The Aging and Disability Resource Center of the North offers the following services:

Information and Assistance:

ADRCs offer the general public a single source for information and assistance on issues affecting older people and adults with disabilities regardless of their income. ADRCs are welcoming and convenient locations for you and your family to get information, advice, and access to a wide variety of services. Information and Assistance Specialists provide knowledge about services, programs, resources, and solutions related to issues affecting older people and adults with disabilities.

Long-Term Care Options Counseling:

Options Counselors offer information and consultation about options available to meet your long-term care needs, including discussion about factors to consider when making long-term care decisions.

If you would like to discuss how you can remain in your home, or if you are considering a move to an assisted living or nursing home facility, the ADRC can help you plan for services and supports to keep you safe and comfortable.

Benefits Counseling:

Benefit Specialists can provide accurate and current information about private and government benefits and programs. Services include assisting individuals who have questions or who need help with the process of accessing Medicare, Social Security, and other benefits.

Vital Connections:

ADRC staff does not provide emergency assistance but they can connect individuals to someone who can respond to urgent situations such as adults in need of protective services or individuals with mental health concerns.

Health and Wellness:

The ADRC promotes effective prevention efforts and provides information on ways an individual can stay healthy and as independent as possible. Staff connects individuals to wellness programs that provide education on ways to avoid injury and prevent falls or how to manage chronic conditions.

Help Paying for Long-Term Care:

ADRCs are the entryway to publicly funded long-term care programs (Family Care and IRIS). If requested, the ADRC will assess your level of need for services and your eligibility for long term care benefits. Once this information is determined, the ADRC will provide information about the options available to you.