Provigil generic
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Provigil generic

I love White Cross Health Mart Pharmacy! The staff is so personable and caring. Jim and Terry are super helpful everytime I come in to pick up my prescription. They both go out of their way to ensure my experience is exceptional. It’s truly a joy to see them when I go in.
Fantastic experience!! The people there are so friendly and my online order Provigil was delivered right to my door the very next day. Will never use another pharmacy! Thank you so much!

White Cross Health Mart Pharmacy
Address: 314 Silver St, Hurley, WI 54534
Phone: (715) 561-5666
Reviews: Very friendly and professional staff that seem to go out of their way to provide old fashion service. highly skilled and motivated people working in this establishment.

Top notch service!!! I would like to say a huge thanks to Mr. Bird and staff, what an incredible group of people. I appreciate your kindness and professionalism. To anyone in need of a pharmacist: White Cross Health Mart Pharmacy is the best!! Look no further.
Not a real pharmacy. Extremely rude because I was prescribed a controlled substance. I was told they don’t sell controlled substances in an extremely rude manner.

Awesome pharmacy! They went above and beyond when I had questions and concerns about my prescriptions and I would recommend them to everyone! Super friendly and helpful staff, this is the only place I trust to buy Provigil.

Pick ‘n Save Pharmacy
Address: 256 N Lk Ave, Phillips, WI 54555
Phone: (715) 260-7020
Reviews: The entire staff at the Pharmacy is deserving of ‘a job done well’. Over the past few years, everyone of my visits has been met with friendliness, professionalism, thoroughness and a big smile…especially Lauren.

Ive had my scripts here a couple times now. Each time they have screwed up my prescriptions. Alot of times they say, oh we can only give a partial prescription. So ya have to go back and get the rest of it another day. They should have the scripts there ar all times. This just happened to me again with them only giving me a three day supply, have to go back again and get the rest. Ridiculous. Im able to do that but. What about the elderly? No consideration? WTH? DISSAPPOINTED!!! If there was a rating by a quarterstar. Definately a ranking below that from me.

Great customer service provided by all staff members. The pharmacist, Pick ‘n Save Pharmacy, is very knowledgeable and very willingly takes time to answer all questions. Staff is kind and professional. I highly recommend this pharmacy for all your needs!

Excellent customer service!! I transferred my disabled daughter’s prescriptions after they consistently gave me the run-around and offered up “a computer glitch that cannot be fixed” when it came to combining our regular insurance with her NOW Waiver (Disability Insurance). I honestly think they didn’t “make any money” off of her so I guess that means that it wasn’t worth their time!! I switched to Marketplace Pharmacy where I consistently paid low price PER PILL on migraine medication for over 2 years. They promptly found me a manufactures sale coupon that cut the cost of my migraine medicine in half… no problems:)

Best pharmacy, its always super quick. Everytime I walk in there they know my name and welcome me in. Believe it or not that really goes a long way.Always professional and really knowledgeable. Both Sarah and John are great and once you get to know them they treat you like family. Thanks Sarah for all your help with ordering my Provigil.

Marketplace Pharmacy
Address: 10514 Main St, Railroad St, Hayward, WI 54843
Phone: (715) 634-1817
Reviews: By far the Best and Quickest Pharmacy in the area. If u expect Great Service and Value your time then I Highly Recommend switching all of your Families prescriptions to Essentia Health-Hayward Pharmacy. While your standing in a long line at One of the Many Big Name Pharmacies, I tried to warn ya! Thanks Sarah for all of your Help

Was very excited about the exceptional service. Homegrown pharmacist with professional care given.
I am on Medicare with blue advantage insurance and they were a preferred pharmacy to my surprise.
They do not have a drive-through but they have free delivery service.
Fast Friendly Service 🙂 You will feel BLESSED When You leave Essentia Health-Hayward Pharmacy; Not drained and Defeated from fighting over What should be a simple transaction! Plus the PRICES Are Great so I Highly Recommend it!

Essentia Health-Hayward Pharmacy
Address: 11134N WI-77 Ste A, Hayward, WI 54843
Phone: (715) 634-6774
Reviews: I brought in a Provigil. They don’t carry the medicine and needed to order it which takes 2-3 days. On top of that, this information took 30 minutes to find out. They clearly don’t care whether or not their clients get their medications nor do they care about time wasted.

Website states they close at 5:00PM. I arrived at 4:35pm and Manager was standing in the doorway blocking customers from entering the store. He stated, “We don’t have enough staff to keep the store open and I am stopping people from coming in because we have a line.” There was a paper sign on the door stating they close at 4:30pm. This location is supposed to be open 24 hours. This is the 2nd day in a row I cannot get my Provigil for a heart condition. I will follow up with a call to corporate.