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Events and Calendars




5th Annual Brain Wellness Check 2017 Sites..

Find a site near you…  Click on a county below to find a location near you!
The Aging and Disability Resource Center of the North serves five counties and three tribes in northern Wisconsin. Below are links to ongoing programs and calendars to show what is going on in your local area.

     Ashland       Bayfield       Iron     Price     Sawyer

 Memory Cafes…

Share your stories and socialize with others who may be concerned about their memory.


Memory CafeWhat is a Neighborhood Memory Cafe?

Memory Cafes are unique structured social gatherings that provide opportunities for individual with dementia, along with their family, friends and care partners to enjoy interactions with others in a setting free form awkwardness and stigma. They are not intended as support groups.

The cafes provide a safe environment for individuals living with dementia to meet others experiencing the same challenges and to talk openly about issues. For care partners, a community of support is established to help with the feelings of isolation, powerlessness, disorganization and stress.


Dementia Network Calendars…

Choose from one of our 4 network calendars below:

»Hayward Area Dementia Network (Sawyer County)
»Ashland Bayfield Dementia Network
»Dementia Friendly Iron County Network
»Price County Dementia Network

If you would like to contact one of the networks please use the gmail account that correlates with the appropriate calendar.

If you wish to add an event to one or more of our calendars:

  • Find the calendar you need.
  • Send a calendar request to the appropriate gmail account.
  • Requests will be reviewed and accepted.
  • If request is not accepted an explanation will be mailed back to the senders email.
  • It is up to the sender to keep the event current and updated.

Ashland Bayfield Dementia Network

Hayward Area Dementia Network

Price County Dementia Network

Dementia Friendly Iron County